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    The weather has gone back to being a bit unpredictable. In the mornings it is dark and gloomy and in the afternoon it is sunny though it rains sometimes.

    The month of September is suicide prevention month. In my country, the amount of people who commit suicide is alarming. We really need to help prevent suicides from happening as much as possible.

    This month is very important to me in more ways than one.Do you have someone you have lost? Today morning, I had dream that reminded me of how life is truly short.

    We have to live life the best way we know how.

    September brings mixed feelings for me.

  • The verdict is in

    After so much waiting coupled with anxiety,the verdict is in and the new president has been declared.

    It is a good thing that it happened but, I think the real question on everyone’s mind is will he be able to change the current state of the economy.

    Prices of fuel,items have gone up for the past few months and we just need something to change. Things need to go back to normal including prices.

    I guess that’s what the first a hundred days of office are for. This time, we are all watching keenly.

  • It is starting to get warm again

    It has been months and months of cold gloomy weather almost four months to be exact.

    August is coming to and end and somehow the sun has come out to play during the day even though it is cold sometimes.

    The weather affects my mood. When it is cold I have no motivation to do a bunch of things but snuggle up in bed and let the day pass. I literally have to push myself to do tasks.

    I love the warm weather when it is sunny out. It makes me happy and extremely motivated to any task I have at the moment.

    Does the weather affect your mood too?

    Happy end of August. To warmer much warmer times.

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    A new restaurant

    I recently tried out a new restaurant. We were supposed to go to another place but we saw this new place we had to try.

    Jakoni is a restaurant located along ngong road at lexo petrol station. The entrance leads to stairs which take you to the restaurant.

    I ordered chicken curry that comes with fried rice or chapati. I chose the fried rice. I had never tried chicken curry before so this was sure to be an adventure.

    We waited for more than thirty minutes for the food to arrive. Meanwhile we drank our drinks which were a cocktail juice consisting of different fruits and passion juice. I love the passion juice. It was very refreshing .

    The food was brought and I couldn’t wait to dig in. The fried rice had peas carrots in it but,the chicken curry was too spicy. I had to drink my juice every few minutes to get rid of the spiciness. I assumed the chicken curry wouldn’t be so spicy but maybe that’s how it is normally made.

    The prices were pocket friendly and the place has a small bar you can order from.

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